Python scripts for Cinema 4D

Posted by Dan Fitzgerald on May 10, 2021


Cinema 4D Python scripts available on our GitHub page

I've got some handy Python scripts for Cinema 4D on our GitHub page. This includes a couple of old favourites from our Curious Animal days, Point Autorig (for animating splines) and Bend Chain (for linking multiple bend deformers) - both updated for R23. I'm hoping to update and add more of those scripts over time.

There's also a new Python plugin for C4D, Keyframe Breakdowner. This is a little animation tool for easily making breakdown keyframes, inspired by the Tween Machine script for Maya (but with much fewer features). It's really handy for pose to pose character animation, and I used it extensively on Earlybird. It gives you new keyframes between poses, controlling how close your new pose is to the previous and next pose, so you can more easily try out different timings in the blocking stage of your animation. There's a fancy new tween tool in C4D S24 which looks like it does all this and more, I'm looking forward to trying that out in the next R release!